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I use three basic Genealogy programs.

  My main database is Family Tree Maker 8.0.  This is a fairly comprehensive program that allows you to enter all the members of your family and keeps track of all of the relationships.  It can print the normal suite of reports, but can only publish a web page on the Family Tree Maker Internet site.  Further information can be found at  If you are new to genealogy, you might consider downloading Personal Ancestral File from  This is also a full featured program, and it is free.

  I use GedStar (formerly known as GedPalm) on a Handspring Visor Deluxe (which is the updated version of the Palm Pilot) to carry my database in my pocket.  This is a fantastic little program that is dirt cheap!  It converts a gedcom file (which Family Tree Maker can create) into its own compressed database format and stores it all on your handheld device.  Although you cannot update the database on your handheld device, you can at least take your entire database along with you.  The author of this program is continually improving it and adding new features to it.  Further information can be found at

  Since Family Tree Maker won't let me create my own web pages, I use GedHTree to do that.  It produces a nicely formatted set of family tree pages.  The pedigree pages in this site were created using this program.  Further information can be found at